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FTC Guardian

No. FTC Guardian is not associated with the Federal Trade Commission in any way, shape, or form. The FTC is a branch of the federal government of the United States. On the other hand, FTC Guardian is an organization that provides a valuable service which helps businesses across the earth comply with essential aspects of the internet commerce rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission associated with providing products or services to consumers in the United States of America. The FTC enforce the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act. In short, the FTC fines companies that are not in compliance with its rules and regulations. FTC Guardian helps you “… to become compliant with the latest FTC, GDPR, and Data Security guidelines and avoid devastating FTC and GDPR enforcement actions without legal fees.”

You may choose to purchase the Basic Membership, the FTC Guardian Pro membership, or the FTC Enterprise membership. The three purchase options are an annual or 2-year payment associated with the Basic, Pro, or Enterprise membership. Also, if you prefer to pay monthly there is a recurring monthly payment associated with FTC Guardian Pro membership. In all cases, your FTC Guardian membership entitles you use the assortment of expert compliance documents. But only the FTC Guardian Pro membership level allows you to use the entire range of some 80  documents. The FTC Guardian Pro membership is the most affordable and best overall value.

The emblem or gold and blue shield of the FTC Guardian organization and, also, the verification pop up associated with your company builds confidence. This is a subtle tool, but the value of your FTC Guardian membership far surpasses the document generation alone. Imagine having access to Chip Cooper and being able to ask him questions and pick his legal and professorial brain. That’s exactly what you can do during the twice-monthly meetings he provides to the members of FTC Guardian Pro. In addition, think of how you’ll feel knowing that your compliance documents are expertly generated and composed. Also, think of how your prospects, customers, and clients will feel when they see the FTC Guardian emblem at the bottom of your documents, and when they click on it and instantly a pop up appears verifying your company information.

Yes and no. The FTC compliance documents are the same. At this time, there is a $60 difference in price. Not everyone needs the Pro membership. Because if you don’t advertise on the internet and or you don’t use advertising retargeting pixels then, perhaps, the Basic membership is sufficient. However, please consider the value of being able to generate customized forms and documents for 80 other purposes. Also, consider the value of being able to attend the twice-monthly meetings hosted by Chip Cooper. You can ask him questions and have him explain aspects of the law you would not otherwise even imagine might apply to your business. The additional $60 buys an extraordinary value.

Yes, it’s easy. Because all you do is answer the questions and most often they only require a yes or no response. There is written guidance provided with every question. However, I confess each time I do it for a different website I’m a little nervous and I read each question carefully to make sure I’m answering the questions to the best of my ability. This is important because the documents will be only as good as your answers to the questions. For example, there’s a question regarding advertising on the internet and whether or not your advertising makes use of retargeting pixels. Fortunately, the written guidance suggests that even if you do not currently advertise you may want to answer “yes” to this question. Why? Because if you answer “yes” it does no harm. It merely adds a statement in the finished document about advertising and retargeting pixels. In other words, it’s easy to use the software but you have to read the written comments associated with each question because it gives you guidance that helps you consider what your best answer may be. This carefully worded guidance is what makes it easy to use.

Yes, you can. You can change the font to match your website, for example, and you can change the font style and size making section headings and subheads, for example, bold. In addition you can change the type size. However, in my case, I just leave the documents exactly like they are generated by the system because I know that few people will ever look at these documents.

In short, answer the questions carefully because it’s a powerful tool. The documents it generates are perfectly phrased. Anyone reading any of your documents will think you paid an attorney to craft each of them for you. Remember, the expressed core of each of these documents are written by attorneys whose work meets the requirements of Chip Cooper who is both a practicing business and technology law attorney and a Law Professor. In short, that means the documents are expertly composed, but, again, they are only as good as your response to each of the questions, and your compliance with other rules and regulations of the FTC concerning how you actually operate your business day to day. The FTC protects consumers and you should too.

Yes. Some of these documents are meant to be printed out. As you can imagine when you review the range of these documents you’ll see why using only a few of them may save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses each year. The process to generate all of these expert documents is the same as preparation of your FTC compliance documents. All you do is answer a few questions for the document you want to create and the document is automatically generated for you. The only difference is that these business documents are printed out and not posted on the internet. Why? Because documents like contracts, non competes, confidentiality agreements, and so on are not public documents. They are for private use and act as written covenant between you and or your company, or another company and or individual.


The value of FTC Guardian far surpasses the document generation alone. Imagine having access to Chip Cooper and being able to ask him questions and pick his legal and professorial brain. That’s exactly what you can do during the twice-monthly meetings he provides to the members of FTC Guardian Pro. In addition, think of how you’ll feel knowing that your compliance documents are created by experienced attorneys whose work is trusted by Chip Cooper. Also, think of how your prospects, customers, and clients will feel when they see the FTC Guardian emblem at the bottom of your documents, and when they click on it and a pop up appears verifying your company information. The emblem and the verification of your company builds confidence.

The complete list includes more than 80 documents that not only help you comply with the FTC, but also provides many other documents that small and medium size businesses may need from time to time. In all cases, these documents are configured so that each document is personalized for your business and generated by the FTC Guardian service which uses its expert system artificial intelligence algorithms and intelligent Rule-Based Document Assembly technology to make expert documents like those that Chip Cooper uses every day to create customized documents in his business and technology law practice. The list of document includes:


Basic Compliance Documents
Legal Page
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Testimonials and Results Disclosure
Earnings Disclaimer
Special Disclaimers
Data Security Policy


Supplemental Compliance Documents

Book Author Notices And Disclaimers
Mobile App Privacy Policy
Website Privacy-Security Agreement
ROSCA Billing Information Transfer Consent Form
Web Model Release Agreement (Executed)
Opt-in List & Newsletter Notices & Disclaimers
ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Acknowledgement
ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Receipt
ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Change Notice
Forum Use Agreement
Linking Agmt (Unilateral – Click)
Linking Agmt (Reciprocal -Executed)
Linking Agmt (Reciprocal -Confirmed By Email)
Red Flag Identity Theft Policy
Affiliate Disclosure
Privacy Policy Retargeting/Advertising
Privacy Policy Update Notice


Intellectual Property Protection Docs
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Business)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Employment)
Domain Name Transfer Agreement
Website Ownership Transfer Agreement
Copyright Assignment – Content (All Rights)
Copyright Assignment – Software (All Rights)
Copyright Assignment – Software (Joint Ownership)
Employment Agreement (With IP-Confidentiality)
Employment Offer Letter (W/O IP-Confidentiality)
IP-NDA Agreement (Non-Technical Employees, Contractors)
IP-NDA Agreement (For Technical Employees, Contractors)
Notebook Computer Bailment Agreement
Collaboration Agreement (Email)
Software Acquisition Agreement
Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Client)
Platform Copyright Assignment


Customer Agreements
Website SaaS-Account-Membership Agreement (Click)
Website Terms of Sale Agreement (Click)
Software License Agreement (Click-Wrapped)
Web Coaching Services Agreement (Click)
Web Marketing Services Agreement (Executed)
Consulting Services Agreement (General Purpose)
Website Development Agreement (Executed)
Website Hosting Agreement (Executed)
Subcontractor Agreement (Off-Site Work)
Website Content License (Click)
Web Copywriter Agreement (Email by Copywriter)
Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Designer)
Content License Agreement – end User (Ebooks, Training Material – Click)
Software Development Agmt (Executed)
Software Beta Test Agmt (Click)
SaaS Agmt (Executed)
Speaker Confirmation and Information Form
Speaker Engagement Agreement
Hardware Sub-Assembly Manufacturing Agmt
Technical Support Agreement
SaaS Agreement (Hybrid)


Channel Marketing Agreements
Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Click)
Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Executed)
JV Agreement-Sale of Product/Service (Affiliate Model-Email)
JV Agmt-Sale of Product/Service (Reseller Model-Email)
Referral Agreement (Executed)
Web Specialty Advertising-Reseller Agreement (Executed)
Advertising Agreement (Executed)
Website Joint Marketing Agreement (Executed)
Web Content Reseller Agmt (Reseller Downloads-executed)
Software OEM Agmt (Product Packaging)
Software OEM Agmt (Object Code Linking)
Software OEM Agmt (Source Code Integration)
Software Reseller Agmt (executed)
Software Reseller Agmt (Reseller Downloads-Executed)
Software Commission Agent Marketing Agmt
Software Publishing Agmt (Executed)
Software Publishing Agmt (Private Label)
SaaS Reseller Agmt (Framing-Executed)
SaaS Reseller Agmt (Virtual Server-Executed)
SaaS Reseller Agmt (Virtual Desktop-Executed)
SaaS Reseller Agmt (Direct Login-Executed)
SaaS Reseller Agmt (Software on Reseller Server-Executed)


The answer depends on how much your internet business attorney will charge to create the exact same vital FTC compliance documents for you. Most attorneys charge from $500 to $1,000 or more per document including business contracts, for example. An internet law attorney may charge more because it is a highly specialized law practice. Also, consider how much you may save each time you use the other contracts, agreements, and legal instruments that come with your FTC Guardian Pro or Enterprise level membership.


Because it’s the best way to learn how FTC Guardian works and why it is the most affordable and effective way to comply with the FTC. Insofar as using a website to market any goods or services to consumers on the internet compliance is essential and you’ll learn more about the legal implication of noncompliance, and the ease of compliance that the FTC Guardian service provides. Also, hearing and seeing Chip Cooper, a Law Professor and a practicing internet business law attorney, will give you confidence that use of the FTC Guardian document generation service saves you money and provides the expertly worded expert documents you need to prominently display on every page on your website in order to achieve compliance. In addition you’ll learn about various FTC Guardian purchase options, any of which are a bargain when compared to paying an internet law attorney to create and manage compliance documents for your company.

There is no charge for the seminar. You may attend as many times as you wish. All you do is sign up and you will receive an email notifying you about the date and time of the next seminar.


Yes. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason or for no reason and you request a refund within 30 days the FTC Guardian organization will honor a complete no questions asked refund related to the annual or 2-year membership plans. However, if you purchased the monthly continuity subscription plan for FTC Guardian Pro they will not refund but will promptly cancel both your membership and recurring billing.

FTC Guardian is an expert document generation service whose documents are created and maintained by a team of attorneys. However, the service of FTC Guardian does not offer “complete legal protection” because only your attorney “can make such a representation.”


The website is not offering legal advice or creating legal documents for you. Because during the document generation process only you can provide the information needed in order for the FTC Guardian service to create the appropriate documents for you.


For more information attend a free FTC Guardian seminar and ask Chip Cooper your questions. If you have any pressing legal matters employ and consult with an internet law attorney. You may find a qualified attorney in your area by using the Martindale-Hubbell directory at


The Basic FTC Guardian membership does not include the option to receive invitations and attend meetings with Chip Cooper. Pro and Enterprise level members can use all the expert documents offered in the system and also attend all the meetings and seminars offered by Chip Cooper.

Remember that Chip Cooper is an internet and technology law attorney and, also, a law professor. He makes difficult legal concepts easy to understand. FTC Guardian Pro and Enterprise level members have the extraordinary privilege of seeing and hearing Chip speak about the complexities an nuances of the law that apply to various aspects of internet commerce. These members can also ask Chip questions about the law. The difference between the cost of an annual Basic and Pro membership is currently only $60. So, for only an additional $60 per year you can hear Chip Cooper speak, and, amazingly, you can pick his brains about legal issues you may need to know more about. In summary, do you know an internet law attorney with the qualification of Chip Cooper who will speak with you and allow you to pick his brains for $60 per year? 

Yes. Your membership allows you to use all the documents for any and all businesses you own.

How to Order

You order it on the FTC Guardian website. However, Chip Cooper wants you to be fully informed about his service so the FTC Guardian organization prefers you attend a free seminar and order when you agree that FTC Guardian provides the services you need to both achieve compliance and learn more about the legal implications of selling to consumers via the internet without complying with the FTC. Remember that despite their army of attorneys in 2019 Facebook got fined $5 billion by the FTC for issues having to do with noncompliance with the FTC rules and regulations. The issues are complex, however, most businesses can easily comply. While not everyone needs to take a deep dive into all the ramifications of the law, the twice-per-month meetings hosted by Chip Cooper provides an opportunity to learn all you want.

No. You only pay when you order FTC Guardian directly from the FTC Guardian organization. Secure payment is made on their website using Paypal or your credit or debit card.

Depending on how you operate your business on the internet you will need either the basic membership level or the Pro membership level service. Each offers the use of the FTC Guardian’s compliance document generation service. However, if you advertise on the internet and use retargeting pixels on your advertisements you need the FTC Guardian Pro membership. In short, which membership level you require depends on you. Fortunately, at this time, the difference in cost between the Basic and Pro membership levels is only $60. The Pro level includes use of all the expertly composed documents which are part of the comprehensive FTC Guardian service, and, also, an invitation to attend the two times per month meetings with Chip Cooper that are provided to FTC Guardian Pro and Enterprise level members.

Yes. You can order now and attend a seminar later.


Here are the steps to order now:


1. Click here. This opens a new window and takes you to the offer to attend a seminar.

2. Click on the FTC Guardian blue and gold emblem at the top of the page.

3. Then at the top right hand side of the next page click on the Get FTC Guardian blue button.


On the order page there are three options: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.


Super value. If you advertise on the internet and your ads have tracking pixels choose the Pro option. In all cases, this is a super value because it includes use of some 80 business documents.


Also the FTC Guardian Pro option includes a Pro Membership pass to attend all the Chip Cooper meetings where you can ask questions. (Order page shows what is available with each option.)


Order by by clicking on a blue Get Started button below the Basic, Pro, or Enterprise column.


FTC Guardian includes a 30 day money back guarantee. Order with confidence.


The European Union requires compliance statements on the domain of any organization selling, promoting or advertising anything to consumers in all the countries that comprise the European Union and what is known as the European Economic Area. This compliance has to do with enforcing the rules and regulations associated with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU more commonly known as the GDPR. This regulation is a law of the EU concerning data gathering and securely protecting the data and having to do with the privacy rights of all the people who live in the European Union and or the EEA.


The countries in the EU are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.


The countries that comprise the European Economic Area are basically the same except that citizens of countries not in the EU which are in the EEA such as Switzerland also have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom, for example, as do all members encompassed within the European Economic Area.


In short, protect your assets. This means if the domain of your company promotes or sells to anyone in the European Union or the EEA you should include compliance documents and or compliance statements in the documents on your website. FTC Guardian solves this problem.

In my opinion they are the same and are used interchangeably across the internet. The FTC Guardian service generates a Terms of Use document. There must be a subtle reason that Chip Cooper and the attorneys he works with use the Terms of Use nomenclature. However, since you can edit the documents generated by FTC Guardian if you prefer the sound of Terms of Service you can change it on your document. If you decide to change anything on your documents do it carefully. Because your documents have been expertly composed and personalized for you.

In 2015 Michael Quinn attended a seminar about FTC Guardian and the work of Chip Cooper. He was impressed by the sagacity and humility of Chip Cooper and also recognized the importance of FTC Guardian’s online compliance and document generation platform. In short, he became an affiliate and enjoys sharing information about FTC Guardian. He considers it a genius and valuable service because it helps businesses of all sizes comply with the complex rules and regulations of the FTC concerning internet commerce. For more information see the Affiliate Disclosure statement at the bottom of this webpage next to the links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Google and other search engines scan pages and can tell when there is a copyright infringement. Of course, it’s easy for the Federal Trade Commission to do the same. And also simple for Intellectual Property attorneys to do it as well. In short, copy and pasting Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents off a website and using it on your own is not a good idea because it opens you up to a copyright infringement law suit. Sadly, many web developers copy and paste documents off of site and use them on client sites. Again, bad idea. Copyright infringement.

Huge consequences. Too numerous to mention. Bad things. The FTC can sue you. The FTC can freeze all your bank accounts including business, family, personal, and the accounts of your spouse. You’ll be liable personally for all fines and damages. They can force you out of business and ensure you can never operate a similar business or even work in your industry. They can even require you to periodically submit a written report to the Federal Trade Commission for ten to twenty years telling of any business ventures you’re involved in. To avoid all these problems and complications just your FTC Guardian membership to stay up to date with FTC compliance issues.

Why waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel? Consider that since these documents were created by internet law and business attorneys associated with Chip Cooper those you assemble would have to be perfectly worded and expertly nuanced to be of the same professional quality.


In short, not sure what it would cost to assemble all these documents and, also, provide and maintain a comparable service having all the attributes and benefits of FTC Guardian, but insofar as the documents if your internet attorney charges you $500 to create a legal document then $500 x 80 = $40.000. If your attorney charges $1,000 per document then $1,000 x 80 = $80,000. 


Take a moment to consider how and why the FTC Guardian storehouse of expertly prepared  documents and the expert system that personalizes them for your company is a secret weapon that enables your company to save money on legal fees at every turn, and, also, far surpasses the annual cost of your investment in your FTC Guardian membership and all its associated services.


“How to become compliant with the latest FTC, GDPR, and Data Security guidelines and avoid devastating FTC and GDPR enforcement actions without legal fees.” – FTC Guardian