The FTC monster shouts, “Pay the fine or die.”

The problem is the FTC can fine you for lack of compliance with regulations that are little known and misunderstood. That’s how they trick you and squeeze you dry

If you try and fight the fines of the FTC your legal fees may destroy your business. You would lose either way because they are the government and you’re not.

Joe Sugarman got mad when the FTC came after his company. Here’s his story

In 1981 Joe Sugarman wrote a book called The Monster that Eats Business.


It tells the story of how his company was attacked by the Federal Trade Commission. 


He tried to fight the monster and soon he appeared before a congressional committee to tell how the FTC unjustly attacked his company.


“’Mr. Sugarman, do you feel this comic book, ‘The Monster that Eats Business’ created and distributed by you, accurately portrays the FTC’s treatment towards you?’” demanded Chairman Congressman Dingell with his guttural voice.”


“’No, sir,” replied Joe. “I feel they have treated me much worse.’”

Long story short, Mr. Sugarman, after spending $300,000 in legal fees, lost his fight against the Federal Trade Commission. He was fined $275,000 by the FTC. After his exhaustive ordeal of fighting the Federal Trade Commission he said:


 “Is this the new normal? Is this how every
small businessman and woman will be treated from now on?”

Today the Federal Trade Commission is more powerful than ever. 


In 2019 the FTC fined Facebook $5 billion.

No matter where your company is located – it could be China, France, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, anywhere – if you have a website and you sell anything to consumers in the United States of America you need to comply with the little known rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission.

This short video tells how the FTC works to crush you

“How to become compliant with the latest FTC, GDPR, and Data Security guidelines and avoid devastating FTC and GDPR enforcement actions without legal fees.” – FTC Guardian

Can you guess who will report you to the FTC?

Scary but true. Anyone can report you to FTC. It’s done anonymously. Like calling the police tip hotline. No one knows.


Listen to this internet business law attorney tell how your competitors play dirty and how the FTC works because “It’s low hanging fruit for the regulators.”


“Competitors turn each other in.”

Wow. Pranks are popular. What if …


These hipsters reported their boss to the FTC for noncompliance. It could cost the company tens of thousands of dollars. If  you get a letter from the FTC answer with a letter from an internet law attorney. Not cheap. Bills will pile up. Not so funny.

Monsters everywhere are waiting to give you a headache

Am I just crying wolf? Or should you be worried today?

The Good and Bad Federal Trade Commission Monster

Let’s get something straight. The FTC isn’t out to kill every business. They have a job to do. They want to protect consumers. And they’re going after people. Sure sometimes they go after the wrong people. Mostly they check for compliance and fine you for noncompliance. Meanwhile, your legal bills will sky rocket. Why? Because if you get a letter from the FTC you have to hire an internet law attorney!

They just want you to follow their rules and regulations. Jump when they say jump.


You have to do what they say to do or they can make your life a nightmare. (Imagine if they froze your bank accounts. How will you eat or pay your employees?)

So, yes, the FTC has enormous power. Sometimes they even have the power to lower consumer prices. For example, Wired Business reported that the FTC is trying to reduce the cost of smartphones because they think consumers are paying too much.


That proves the FTC is a mystery. It’s a puzzle. When it attacks your company it’s a nightmare, but when it goes after huge companies to reduce their grip on consumers well that’s their job. Because they’re supposed to protect consumers!

Dear Friend,


Maybe you think I’m full of beans.


Maybe you think you can risk ignoring the rules and regulations of the FTC.


You’ve gotten away with noncompliance so far, right? So, go ahead. Ignore it. But the solution to this threat is so easy and costs so little it’s not worth the risk.


After learning about the home wrecking and bone crushing power of the Federal Trade Commission I was ready to kill my internet business dream and work for someone else.


Because I thought, “Hey, let this whole FTC thing be someone else’s nightmare.”


Lucky for me, and just in time considering I was anxious about the FTC, I learned about the work of internet business and technology law attorney, Chip Cooper.


Well, to say the least he got my attention so I looked him up in the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell directory which is a resource attorneys have used for more than one hundred years to report the standings of attorneys everywhere across the earth.


In short, I saw that Frederick L. Cooper, III, known as Chip Cooper by his colleagues, friends, family, and clients has a five star rating in the Martindale-Hubbell directory.


That means he’s considered among the top attorneys by his peers. And it’s no wonder because he’s prolific and the list of his accomplishments is a mile long.

This AV five star rating  is “The highest peer rating standard. This rating signifies that a large number of the lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal knowledge, communication skills and ethical standards.


So, yes, Chip Cooper is ranked among the best attorneys by his peers. And it’s no wonder because he’s prolific and the list of his accomplishments is a mile long.

I admit, I’m fascinated by the work that Martindale-Hubbell does with their directory because it helps people like you and me find cream of the crop attorneys in all fields of practice including family law, real estate law, criminal law, divorce law, and so on.


I wondered about the rating so I did a Google search and here’s a screenshot that tells what the AV Preeminent Rating designation merited by Chip Cooper means:

But the real proof is in the pudding. When you attend one of his seminars you’ll discover that Chip’s a thoughtful attorney who is able to explain difficult business, technical and legal concepts as they apply to internet law in plain English because in addition to being an attorney, and a businessman, he’s also a Law Professor.


I could tell you more, but, really, you have to hear Chip Cooper speak for yourself. Why? Because one of the business-rescuing benefits of purchasing FTC Guardian is you’re invited twice a month to attend a presentation during which Chip encourages and answers questions about every aspect of internet business and technology law.


(To appreciate the value of these professorial “hangouts” with Chip Cooper imagine what your attorney would charge you to pick his brains twice monthly for an hour or more each time. Sitting with your attorney isn’t free, right. But, with Chip it is.)


Considering what Chip Cooper knows and the level of expertise he’s able to share with you as an FTC Guardian membership bonus, this service keeps you up to date with FTC regulations. You can use it to protect your personal and business assets.

Here’s how your expert documents are made. The creation of your personalized documents made by the FTC Guardian service uses artificial intelligence and intelligent Rule-Based Document Assembly technology to make expert documents like those Chip Cooper uses every day to create customized documents in his Internet law practice. The process to generate your documents is easy. All you do is answer a few questions and the documents are automatically generated for you using the system’s intelligent Rule-Based Document Assembly technology. Your documents are also hosted for you on FTC Guardian servers and digitally fed directly to your associated webpages when users click on the pages.

Easy process creates expertly composed documents that appear instantaneously on your webpages.

Rock-solid FTC Guardian Document Generation Service

The compliance regulations of the Federal Trade Commission are extensive.


The foremost is to be operating your business in a legal manner.


But as far as the FTC is concerned, at the basic level, if you have a website and you sell services or products to consumers in the United States your website must have compliance documents on it that proves it complies with FTC rules and regulations.


To avoid costly legal complications and the possibility of devastating financial and other consequences in addition to helping you meet the compliance regulations of the FTC, depending on where your markets are and how you operate your business FTC Guardian also helps you comply with GDPR and Data Security guidelines.


Because of the overwhelming risk associated with noncompliance, part of your successful business strategy must include being in strict compliance with the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission concerning internet commerce. 


This compliance issue is often overlooked or amateurishly applied, and either way – as you saw and heard in the video above – it can cause a catastrophic loss of all your personal and business assets, and utterly destroy your peace of mind. 


Don’t let this happen to you and your family. 


The risk is severe but Chip Cooper’s FTC Guardian expert-system  document compliance service is a genius solution because it generates and maintains your documents. You’re notified when the law changes and you can regenerate them.

FTC Guardian Pro Membership

 – Tutorials and Documents

– Easy to understand videos
– More than 80 expert documents
– Step by step how-to training
– Live member Hangouts twice a month
Twice a month Q&A with Chip Cooper


There’s no single strategy for all new legal developments. You should never let anyone update your compliance documents without your knowledge. In any business, the legal is up to you and deserves your careful attention. There’s no such thing as set it and forget when it comes to protecting your business from FTC claims. Think about it. Chip Cooper’s advice is priceless and you receive it – and his document generation service – as an integral part of your comprehensive annual FTC Guardian Pro membership and training.

Now, when you see and hear Chip, you’ll know he’s a nice person, but, really, think about it. Chip is not only a world class attorney highly rated by his peers. He’s also a professor and he knows that the FTC has the power to make you suffer.


Long story short, Chip wanted to share his expertise and his love of the law with as many business people as possible. He knew most people in business can’t afford his the-sky-is-the-limit fees. (Internet business law is highly specialized and expensive.)


One day out of the blue he developed this brilliant idea:


“Why not give ordinary people a powerful artificial intelligence wizard – the same kind of tool – that most attorneys use to make legal documents for their clients?”


So, he assembled a team, invested a huge amount of money, and they worked out the technical problems, and after many months created a service that even attorneys love because it educates their clients and frees them up to do more important work.

"… Chip, I continue to get great compliments on the website legal documents on my website. I'm always tempted to take credit since I also have a Juris Doctor Degree, but I always give you the credit.”

- Bob James, MD, JD,

“Hi Chip; Thank you so much for your online service! It is very thorough. Thanks again for a job well done and for helping me select the best legal solution.”

- Terry Fletcher, M.Ed., CMBA

FTC Guardian Testimonials

“Neat website you've got! Exactly what we needed for website legal compliance documents – quick and easy to use.”

- Jen McClurg-Roth,

"… thanks Chip, I love the service by the way. The wizard is really easy to use and the contract terms are right on.”

- Justin Johnson, CEO,
“I hate legal stuff, but you've created a site that makes it easy for me to draft contracts, contains pretty much every contract I've needed, and has reduced my legal costs.”

- Phil Schnyder, President & CEO, askSam Systems, Inc.

“Wow! Wow! .... all I can say about your online service. I've been all over the Net and nothing even compares to… your contract generator…”

- Greg Venable, CIO,
Information In Context

I’ve tried to help you see the great value of using the FTC Guardian service and why nothing compares with it. But, sometimes, it seems impossible in today’s world to trust people. The truth is FTC Guardian is an extraordinary service. Top to bottom.


Want proof? Okay, really, ask yourself this question:


“Chip Cooper is a world class, highly rated and trusted internet business law attorney. He knows the FTC is all-powerful. He knows the FTC protects consumers. So, if FTC Guardian wasn’t a great service wouldn’t the FTC grab him by the neck, punch him in the face, freeze all his bank accounts, and destroy his business?”


You know the answer. Obviously Chip Cooper had a great idea. He’s poured blood, sweat and tears into his expertly produced easy-to-use service. So you can trust him.


Yes, FTC Guardian costs money. But, listen, it protects you year around. It costs much, much less than what you’d pay an internet law attorney to work for you. It produces the expertly composed compliance documents you need for your website!


“How to become compliant with the latest FTC, GDPR, and Data Security guidelines and avoid devastating FTC and GDPR enforcement actions without legal fees.” – FTC Guardian


Admit it. Chip’s idea is brilliant. Genius. It puts a lot of power into your hands.


I’m a consultant. That means I give my clients advice and work to solve their problems. This FTC Monster problem can ruin you, but now you have the solution.


I’m also an affiliate of FTC Guardian. That means I may earn a percentage when you order this product. However, I want you to think about this acid test: I’m living proof about the value of the FTC Guardian service because I use it to protect my business.

1. Here’s my proof: Click or tap on the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Disclosure at the very bottom of this web page.


2. Those documents all come from the FTC Guardian service. I paid for them to appear on this website just like you’ll pay for your custom docs. It solves a big problem for me and it will solve the same problem for you.


3. Think about this too:


This is an interesting technology because these expert documents are not actually on this website. They appear on each of the pages but they come from the servers of FTC Guardian. That’s the genius part. Chip and the attorneys he works with make dead-sure that these documents are crystal clear and comply with the rules and regulations of the FTC regarding what documents must be on your website and exactly how they must be worded to comply with the law.


4. Do this too:


Go to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Disclosure links at the bottom of this webpage and click or tap on the blue and gold FTC Guardian seal that you see at the bottom of each of those documents. 


You’ll see a pop up that verifies the document comes from the servers of FTC Guardian. These expert documents aren’t just something your webmaster cut and pasted onto your pages to make himself look smart. Using those forms is great way for your company to get sued for copyright infringement. Instead these documents are expertly crafted to prove your compliance with the FTC.

The amazing thing is how much Chip Cooper pours his expertise into his work. 


Do yourself a favor. Click or tap here and experience one of Chip’s seminars. 


What you’ll hear will surprise you. Chip shares his world-class legal insights. No fluff. All meat and potatoes. The FTC acts like a monster sometimes, but its easy to tame the monster if you know how. Chip tells you exactly why and how it works.


Thank you,

Michael Quinn


P.S. Everything here is true. Joe Sugarman is the Father of Direct Marketing. He’s a giant. I’m privileged to share his story with you and to offer FTC Guardian as an affordable and proven solution to a little known and often misunderstood and badly executed FTC compliance problem. To learn why attend a seminar today.


P.P.S.  For questions about the guarantee, membership, the value, and the services of FTC Guardian see Frequently Asked Questions.